Frequently Asked Questions

✿ When will I receive my order? ✿

Orders are generally sent out or available for pickup within 2-5 days of placement. From there, the post office usually takes 3-5 days to deliver US packages. Please understand that this business is a one person show and that sometimes there may be delays! I do however try my best to be quick with my shipping, so you will most likely receive your order very fast!

✿ Where is my package? ✿

Please keep in mind that once I drop off packages at the post office, I can no longer control timing or location of your delivery. Please always double check your shipping address when placing an order. You can keep track of your order via the shipping number provided by the post office. If there are any problems with delivery or delays, please create a missing mail form with USPS or the applicable shipping company.

✿ Can I make a return or get a refund? ✿

Unfortunately no! All sales are final. I am willing to negotiate replacing an item if it is broken or damaged due to a fault in the craftsmanship (provided photographic proof of such), however if the item breaks due to customer error such as being dropped, stepped on, lost etc I cannot replace it. Also, do keep in mind that some of my items are limited quantity and if you need a replacement for an item I no longer make, we may instead need to do an exchange. 

✿ How do I care for my earrings? ✿

Acrylic jewelry is strong, but not invincible! For a long life, keep your jewelry away from water, excessive sweat, and chemicals like hairspray. Store your jewelry away from direct sunlight or excessive heat. Also it's a good idea not to bend or apply pressure to any of the jewelry to prevent breaking!

✿ What are your earrings made from? ✿

My Earrings are made from laser cut acrylic or plywood with nickel free stainless steel or gold plated stainless steel hooks. Each product should list their exact materials respectively!

✿ What if I'm not pierced? ✿

I offer clip-on options for my customers who do not have piercing holes. You can select this option by adding one of my "hardware change" listings to your order along with the earrings you want switched out. Please be mindful to match the correct clip-on listing type (STUD vs DANGLE) to the earrings you want switched. Each listing should specify the type you need. 



If you have a specific question that was not answered here, you can reach out to me via email at